Do it your self plastic surgery goes wrong, very wrong

Apryl Brown, a woman from the United States who is a 47 years old hairstylist became an awareness campaigner to make women aware of the negative effects of DIY fillers. This decision was made after she had to amputate her feet and hands due to the use of cheap silicone injections purchased online. She wanted to get the ideal bum by using botched injections. Doctors have given this woman twenty-four hours to live after she got an infection.

Everything started in 2004, when Apryl had a successful career as a hairstylist. While she was making the hair of a client, she talked about wanting to get a larger but and the client made her an attractive offer: injections at a discounted price. She only became aware of what she is doing after she went to the second session. 

It is a fact that the number of people who choose to follow cosmetic surgery and other treatments for improving their appearance at any clinic that they find, or they buy products for this purpose on the Internet, just as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has stated. Some patients get motivated by looking just at flanks | breasts | abdomen | arm | thighs pictures. These practices can expose people to risks, because they can use injections and other solutions that they have no idea how to correctly use. Many individuals choose these solutions because they are offered at a very low price, but sometimes they can face awful effects.

Instead of going to a reputed plastic surgeon from the beginning, some people only choose to visit a specialist once they already suffered from doing things on their own. People have this wrong idea that the products they buy online are just the same things that an expert would recommend using. Dr. Richard Glogau, who is clinical professor of dermatology from the University of California in San Francisco, said that online shopping opportunities have led to the development of a wrong mindset among people that the fillers they can get online are those that legitimate doctors would tell them to buy.

The truth is that only twenty-one dermal fillers are approved by the FDA in the United States. Even if they are approved, they have to be used only under the supervision of a doctor, or they have to be administered by a medical provider. They cannot be injected by the person who needs the filler, as there is no approval for this practice. The number of fillers in the world that are not approved is of hundreds. Dr. Richard Glogau is totally against self-injecting these fillers. He says he wouldn’t do it unless it is performed in supervised conditions, at the recommendation of a physician. 

Apryl Brown is a victim of a practice that is risky and that doctors say people should avoid. She is like a proof for those who are not aware of the consequences of such practices to help them wake up. Tests have been conducted for determining what she introduced in her body. The results were astonishing: she was injected with bathroom caulk. This has led to a hardening of her flesh and made her flesh lose its color. For more than five years, the woman was in great pain. The fillers caused her a staph infection on 2010 that lead to the necessity of amputating her feet and hands and now she learns to live a new type of live, using an aide.

A Plastic Surgery App for little girls provokes anger in Itunes

An app about plastic surgery for little girls sparked a wake-up call this week on Google Play and iTunes. Twitter has also a storm from this news. Many people wrote about the app with lots of anger.

This is stupid. How can someone say these things? tweeted one person.

iphone app for kids

Another person said: This is an insult and should be erased. What kind of thing is this? 500 times was this tweet re-tweeted in just one hour – which is something really impressive.

The message said something weird: that being thin is what matters, and being fat will make girls disgusting and unhappy – which is something that might convince little girls quickly. This message also said to little girls that women are only judged by their looks – so a weird message anyway.

The famous message also said that little girls would be beautiful and happy if they sucked out their fats – of course a knife will be used to cut the fat away.

This app is something strange because the whole idea behind it is that beauty is the only ideal women should aspire to – which is something really crazy at this time and age. The message has been sent over and over again, which is something very dangerous for any little girl around the world.
Women should not be judged only by their appearances, but their hearts and minds are very important as well – and women must know it too. Plastic Surgery is the name of the app that can be found on Google Play, and its developer is someone called Natalya Staritsyna.

The description of the app – which can be downloaded by people of all ages – says something like: Babara loves to eat chocolates and burgers, but she looks ugly. She cannot just use make-up to deal with this situation. A plastic surgery is what Barbara needs to become cute again. She will have a great look, and will be happy again – her days of beauty and happiness will come back. However, Barbara is afraid of putting her body in the hands of a plastic surgeon, but she will return to her natural beauty if she undergo this kind of procedure.

This ugly and famous app has a description saying it has been installed between 500,000 and 1,000,000 times.

A Google representative said:

We will remove any app that breaks our rules, but do not comment on them.

Iphone App for Smartlipo

Want to eliminate stubborn, unwanted weight which won\’t respond to the diet plan and also exercise? Smartlipo body shaping is among the most ideal types of laser-helped lipolysis. Smartlipo surgeons may sculpt and form nearly any part of the physique safely applying this top FDA authorized laser process that burns up fat and also tightens pores and skin. (more on the Smartlipo Iphone app for doctors)\r\n

Everything you have to know is right here when you need it with this incredible and convenient application that explains Smartlipo procedures at length and features the most crucial facts and information patients have to know.

The application functions 3 sections:

  • Key home elevators SmartLipo (costs, process, recovery, target areas)
  • Search as well as Locate Surgeons (US only)
  • Video as well as Picture Galleries


In the Art galleries Section – Search Before and Photos of real individual cases and Watch a number of colorful illustrated movies that present Smartlipo step-by-step, from begin to finish.

This application is created specifically to get potential patients answers to the most typical Smartlipo questions, for example:

    1. What is actually Smartlipo?
  • Exactly how is Smartlipo carried out?
  • What would be the advantages and advantages of Smartlipo?
  • Do you know the average costs and fees related to Smartlipo?
  • Things to expect during recuperation after Smartlipo?
  • What would be the most targeted body parts?


In addition, patients can search in order to find Smartlipo specialists countrywide and access get in touch with information, surgeon websites and special deals before scheduling an appointment appointment. Link straight to locations, access maps and obtain directions to any kind of listed Smartlipo doctor.

About Smartlipo: Smartlipo. com is really a highly searched as well as acclaimed online listing resource for patients to understand about the procedure and connect with Smartlipo surgeon’s through the country. The web site features videos, before and following images and avails info and answers towards the most highly searched key phrases and questions regarding Smartlipo procedures.

3D simulator for Plastic Surgery Patients

Nearly, everyone wants to look better than they are. More than 85 per cent of women would want to transform their appearances if they were given a chance , according to the Harris Interactive, and about 80 percent of men believe that their appearance greatly impacts on the success of their career according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.


When one decides to improve their physical appearance, seeing what they would be like after the surgical procedure is quite important. In fact, when a person is buying new clothes, they have to try them before making the actual purchase.

The act of trying on clothes before buying them allows one to see what they look like in such outfits. The same case applies here, it is highly imperative that one sees what they would be like before undergoing plastic surgery. This is made possible by the use a 3D simulation system.

The 3D simulations system uses high definition 3D photography to take your images before the procedures. With the help of the 3D result simulation software, plastic surgeons can demonstrate the procedure’s effect and give the patient an insight of what to expect after the procedure. With the new service from Crisalix, any woman who is considering any of plastic surgery procedure can be view her new body in her home office or any other place. All she has to do is to upload 3 regular photos and within a short span of time, she will see her “new body to be” in 3D. She can opt to share these photos with her loved ones or just store them for herself.

After viewing her 3D photos, she can then choose to contact the nearest plastic surgeon using the Aesthetic Professional Directory. With the help of the chosen, she will learn more about her 3D simulations so that she can make informed decisions about the surgical procedure.

A recent study conducted in Switzerland revealed that women who underwent breast augmentation between 2011 and 2012, and who viewed the Crisalix 3D Simulations of their new body during the pre-surgical consultations, indicated that 87.5 percent felt that Crisalix allowed them to express their desires and expectations, and that they were all contented with the aftermath results of the surgery.

Crisalix thus allows patients to plan their aesthetic procedures with confidence and also gives plastic surgeons a clear picture of what the patient wants. In summary, Crisalix 3D simulation is an important tool for both patients and plastic surgeons.

Obtain some of the best makeover apps

It is not possible for you to download all the apps due to unlimited space. Because of this, we have come up with a way that trolls up all the stores. As such, you can choose the best to click base and find what you are looking for. Shop for the latest trends or find more information if you want to update your look. All of your needs will be met by our rounded up beauty apps.

virtual beauty and cosmetic surgery apps

Make use of the new ModiFace Virtual Makeover

It is made of special software that recognizes the face. Most of the features in the Modiface Virtual Makeover involve photos with makeup that is realistic and simulations for the hair. It also has specific eyeliners that are winged and elements for facial sculpting. Additional offers are celebrity hairstyles that are updated on a weekly basis. Currently, I am thinking of how to pull one of the pixies by Julianne Hough.

So as to get the best look that you require, you can get some of the legit suggestions provided by the app after you have chosen your makeover. They are found in a number of categories such as skin, nails, hair, lips or eyes. They will provide you with a list of top sellers in each of the categories. This means that you can buy a product to try on from the app. It thus provides an extremely tap-to-buy functionality that can be easily achieved hence very convenient although a bit dangerous. One of its advantages is that it is free to download.

There is the Beauty Mark for arty clients

We understand hectic makeup routines. With the start of spring we also intend to change the pink lips and brown shadow. With Beauty Mark you have a lot to learn. There are over 200 looks of makeup to scroll through like a cube of rubix. Choose the eye, lip and cheek that you want and help stimulate your skin tone. For $3, go to the “Pro” version and view the 180how-to videos that you can instantly share on Facebook and ask your beauty guru about his opinion.

My skin helps those who cannot get to derm within the month
It is advisable to go to the derm while there are weeks to go before the appointment day. For millions of products for the skinny, download MySkin. You can start by answering some questions on your skin from which the app will provide relevant answers. It will also give you an appropriate partner in “SkinTwin”. This is someone with similar issues to compare notes with. Find an opportunity to get the best blemish cream for sensitive skin.